Brief Blogging Hiatus

I regret to inform you that my blog will remain silent for the next few days, because I'm working on two stories for Rapid River Magazine and a story for the Asheville Citizen Times. This work is very important, because if I screw it up, I will likely be without writing work in this town for decades to come. Of course, my mother will say, "It's not you - you're a journalistic genius. It's them - they wouldn't know a good story if it bit them on the bottom!" (Well, my mother would use a different word here, but I'm trying to keep the blog rated "G" for my proper, southern readers.) So carry on without me and check back in after April 21. O.k.? Please? (I'm aware that there may be absolutely no one out there reading this. I'm at peace with that.)

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roach7 said...

NICE!! Damn it, my comment was erased. Let me see if I can recall my thoughts. I think I love the way you talk to yourself the most. I caught your own blog comment, what a gas! All I can say is you Go GIRL! Your are the bomb, good luck with your articles!
Rachel :)