Do the Can Can!

An admired columnist in town recently said to me about publishing a book, “If I can do it, anyone can.” Her humility aside, the comment was an inspiration and has already improved my life in a myriad of ways. You, too, can benefit from this wise sage’s advice. Just turn it around and use it this way: If anyone can _______, I can. Just fill in the blank with stuff that will make you happier – it works better than any drug I’ve ever tried. For instance, you can insert things like, “eat chocolate all day.” Here’s what you’ll say to yourself: "If anyone can eat chocolate all day, I can." Try: go shoe shopping whenever possible, sleep till noon on a Tuesday, etc. Be creative! Of course, not everyone CAN do the things on your list, but just keep in mind all of the people who CAN!

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Magcats said...

If anyone can find a million dollars lying around in a hole under a picnic table located approximately 21º 16' 23.61" N 157º 49' 26.97" W, I can!

Enjoying your blogs. Keep'em coming!