A Hair-Raising Experience

I’ve gone back to college! Well, not exactly as a student. Instead, you might say I’m a human guinea pig. At much personal risk to life and limb (and hair,) I have had my locks zestfully, if not expertly, hacked off at the Carolina College of Hair Design, in Asheville. It was a scary experience, but I feel proud that I made it through physically (and mentally) unharmed.
Here are some unexpected positives of the experience:
· I didn’t have to make an appointment ahead of time. Instead, I just casually strolled in and was immediately surrounded by a flock of gleeful, girly hair stylists, just itching to be the one picked to experiment on my head. Each performed a cheer and 1-minute speech on the merits of hair gel, so that I would have a sound basis upon which to make an educated stylist selection.
· I had my ears cleaned for free! During the hair-washing portion of my torture session - I mean haircut appointment – most of the water used to wash my hair made its way into my ears. (Another soaking wet windfall: When I stood up, the water dripped out from my ears onto my shoulders, which actually was quite cool and refreshing, as I was having an anxiety-induced pre-menopausal hot flash.)
· I didn’t have to make small-talk while Ms. Scissorhands was at work because she was too busy to chat. She apparently was concentrating on how NOT to cut off one of my ears.
· The experience was a real self-esteem booster. As I was leaving, I received a standing ovation and some complimentary hair extensions, should my hair not grow back.
• And best of all, because it was such a bargain rate, I have extra money burning a hole in my pocket, which I’m planning to spend on chocolate. Because it looks like I won’t need it for that post-haircut emergency wig, after all.

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