Somebody Get a Doctor! My Ear is Stuck in a Bathroom Stall Purse Hook!

There. I’ve got your attention. (And it’s a true story that I’m sure I’ll write about here one day – it’ll be the final step of my 10-year recovery plan.) Meanwhile, after much trepidation, I’ve figured out how to start this blog, which, quite frankly, is a long time coming. Finally, I seem to have that proverbial fire lit under my rear. (Somebody get the fire extinguisher! I have shoe shopping to do!)
Now, I’ve got to come up with a clever name and, perhaps, persona. But alas, to choose! I’ve got so many! I’m “Stinky Mommy” (being the chief “bad guy” rule enforcer at home.) I’m “Ferret” because a very cute and impish boy once told me I looked like one (and I have to say, he had a point there.) I’m “Peter Pam” because my extremely talented and clever nephew, whose adorable being caused me to crave motherhood, once started calling me that. I’m “Spaz” when I’m running into a room, arms flailing, knocking over a plant, stubbing my toe on a chair leg (all of which usually happens to me about once a day) and calling out “Rock Star! That’s what my blog name should be!” But until that day comes – the day I’m finally recognized for my unique vocal-range-of-a-flea, life’s-too-short-to-master-bar-chords musical talent – which I have to admit, probably will not be anytime soon - I’ll just have to go with my given name: Pam J. Hecht. The “J” is for jest because what else is fitting in this crazy world of perpetual comedy? (Please don’t tell anyone, but it really stands for Joan. I had to add the J because I googled myself and found three other Pam Hechts, and no, I’m not into rocks, horses or hair extensions.)
So who else am I? (As if you care! But bear with me, I’m trying to work it out and need to verbalize…) I’m an artsy mama who loves to make new stuff out of old stuff and who sometimes turns into the alter ego “Ms. Brookshoe” – the decidedly brusque and quite bulbous art director - with my kids. I’m a drama queen who likes to dance in parking lots with my friend, Lumpy, and anyone else who’ll join me. I’m a tree hugger who finds spiritual solace on a hiking trail. But above all, I’m a writer.
And, because, given my passion for words and penchant for editing all things in life – from sentences to sock drawer contents – I probably will delete this whole blog soon and start another one, so enjoy it while you can and thanks for reading!


Pam J. Hecht said...

Pam, your blog rocks! You're the greatest! How did you manage to post a blog so quickly, given the complexities of the blogging world? (O.k., this is just me, tooting my own horn. I couldn't resist.)

magcats said...

I had to work out "bathroom stall purse hook"...but after 10 minutes my mind actually had a visual. How about "Hecht Fire"...or "What the Hecht?!"

Teach me how to create one, too. I wish to learn from you.

It's the perfect outlet/venue for you!

Express yourself!

Deb Abramson said...

Hi, Pam. Welcome to Asheville; I hope you're enjoying it here. I think it's a lovely place. And I think Anne Fitten is a lovely lady for sending you my way. Have fun writing and stay in touch.--Deb