Everything’s okay. After all, I’ve got an angel.

I have an angel watching over me. Or so I’ve been told. But don’t be envious – you probably have one, too. As a matter of fact, as a professional angel reader told me the other day, most of us have several of them looking out for us.

Funny, my angels have been on hiatus since my second grade year, I told the angel reader. Apparently, they are now back on the job.

She laughed, knowingly, as anyone in her position would.

“They come to us when we need them and if we pay attention, we’ll know they’re there,” she explained.

Sounds good to me.

My angel's name is Delilah – a suitable name for an angel, I suppose. The angel reader told me that her hand was on my shoulder. That she would help me find my way to where I was supposed to be.

Can she get me a job? I asked. In these days, after all, it behooves us to be practical.

“You will speak in front of a group of people, who will ask for your services and pay you well for your talent,” she said.

Is the circus coming to town?

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